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American SportWorks has been manufacturing and distributing off-road vehicles since 1959. The LANDMASTER™ UTV family is the latest addition to this rich tradition of rugged, high-quality, go anywhere products.

The LANDMASTER™ family was designed with your every need in mind, work or play. The 200 Series Runabout is a quick, 2 wheel drive, lighter duty vehicle perfect for adding to the enjoyment of your land while helping to maintain your residential, vacation or small commercial property. Medium duty jobs such as moving mulch, logs or towing a trailer can be handled with ease by the 2 wheel drive LM300 or LM400. The more powerful 4wheel drive LM500, LM650 and LM700 are well-suited for heavy duty chores and/or more rugged terrain.

The electric LM48V is quiet yet powerful, enough for off-road chores or for just getting around your property. The electric LMLSV is a street legal version of the LM48V. All of our models (except the 200 Series LUTV) come with a structural foam “poly” dump bed, but can be ordered as an “S” (steel bed) model which includes the extremely versatile patented rear facing flip seat that folds down completely, creating a fully functional dump bed.

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